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Business Process Improvement
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Grow Your Business
Align your Processes and Systems with Your Vision
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More business means more data. Your business is poised for growth and the only thing standing in the way is execution. You can capitalize on current business processes by improving or redesigning with expert guidance. Our team can identify and solve processes to get you to the next level.

Get the edge on competitors by translating your industry "know how" into action. Make it easy to collect and report information to supports quick and clear business decisions.

Our team has access to an award-winning SaaS Platform to produce precise solutions in a secure, powerful, scalable, and adaptable environment. This enables us to produce razor-focused solutions optimized for each employee role.

Whether applications are on our platform, or that of another vendor, our experience will ensure your business, workflow, integrations, and reporting are perfectly tuned.
Business Process Improvement
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Custom Solutions
Optimize productivity and improve cash-flow while helping acquire and retain customers
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Ion Objects Consulting has combined experience of over 50 years. Our team has produced solutions for British Telecom, Johnson & Johnson, AMGEN, TV Guide Networks, The US Army and many others.

We've delivered solutions for

• Marketing
• Accounting
• Training
• Billing
• Scheduling
• Sales
• Support
• Contract management and much more!

We have produced solutions for medical products and services that are HIPAA compliant and our hosted solutions meet or exceed security and uptime requirements for fortune 100 clients.

Only the best and most experienced experts work on your solutions, so we can get the solution right, and delivering web and mobile apps that are feature rich, and easy to use.

Because of the adaptable nature of our platform, your solution has a high ROI and low TCO.
Workflow and Integration
All your systems are connected, nothing is lost or late
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Years of experience and creative problem solving are at your fingertips when working with Ion Objects consultants to design process workflow and systems workflow and integrations. Utilizing the best thought leadership in translating functional processes into technical requirements, we will achieve precise results – together.

We appreciate your industry expertise and partner with you to build the exact solution, whether that is creating a new system or integrating existing systems to achieve better results.

The perfect balance of business acumen and technical know-how – it is a successful combination that solves business challenges and supports rapid growth. Ion Objects consultants brings together experienced , global Project Managers, Process Managers, Business Analysts, and Software Architects to deliver workflow and integration for big data growth.
Mobile Apps for Business
Increase productivity by enabling mobile devices
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We don't do games.

But, if you need to close that support ticket while you're stuck in traffic, or review an order before calling the client, or look at last week's numbers while you're at the ballgame... Ion Objects Consulting can mobilize your business.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary view into our daily lives and business. "Mobile-First" is often required for new systems being developed. That's because timing is critical and many employees need to be productive at a moments notice, day or night.

It's easy to download an app, but app-store apps rarely work in a manor that optimizes productivity, even those produced by big CRM, front-office, and back-office vendors. That's because no two businesses operate exactly the same way. Every business has different, specific needs. And that's where we come in.

We look at mobilizing your business from an "app" perspective. That is; simple, task-oriented, and permitted by role. Mobile solution requirements can also vary in size and complexity. We design and produce your solution in a way that balances cost and features to meet your needs.

Whether you need a native app, a responsive data-enable website, or a custom API connected to your data, we can deliver what you need on-time and in-budget.
Reporting and Analytics
Data Goes In, Information Comes Out
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Your solution should start with the results. What do you need to make business decisions? How often do you need to see it? The growth and stability of a successful company is reliant on accurate and accessible data.

Our experience shows, it is easy to get data in but not always easy to get it out of a system. Let’s change that paradigm for your company. Let’s determine the needs up front, analyze the processes to get there and implement the best solution to make it happen. All with experienced consultants guiding you to success.

We understand, reporting is critical. You need to have confidence in the reporting you see. And with Ion Objects Consulting, you will.